Valentine's Day 2014

$60 per person

(No Substitutions)

First Course

Insalata d'aragosta

Watercress salad with Rock lobster meat
Red onion, and hearts of palm tossed in light tarragon honey
mustard dressing

Second course


Tomato goat cheese soup finished with olive oil and fresh basil

Third Course

Gnocchi alla vodka

Homemade potato gnocchi served with diced pancetta
in a vodka tomato cream sauce


Choice of one

Pollo ripieno

Chicken breast stuffed with rose petals, basil, and goat cheese in a
lavender burre blanc sauce with grilled asparagus

agnello di bosco

Lamb chops seared medium rare with garlic, rosemary,
and olive oil served with roasted potatoes


Corvina filet served with roasted garlic and rosemary,
finished with balsamic reduction and served with arugula salad


Panna cotta

served with raspberry syrup